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Coley and Associates offer software products, software as a service, and related services through this contract. They offer Turning Technologies products and services. Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Resellers are not available for this contract.

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Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4290

Held By: Coley and Associates, Inc.

Contract Term End Date: 11/12/2020

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Daniel Coley

Obtaining Quotes

Contact Coley Order Filler to obtain quote.

How To Order

  1. For product and pricing information, contact Coley at 210-402-6766 and ask for Order Filler.
  2. Generate a purchase order made payable to Coley & Associates, Inc. you must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-4290 on your purchase order.
  3. E-mail your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

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Available Products & Services

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Turning Technologies Elumicor
QT Device CoreView/CoreRedact Client Onboarding
Radio Frequency Carry Case- 30 count CoreView/CoreRedact annual subscription fee. Includes 20 user profiles and support.
Radio Frequency Carry Case- 45 count CoreRedact Desktop Software
Radio Frequency Carry Case- 60 count On-Site Data Collection
Carry Case- 45 count Remote Data Collection
LCD RF Response KeyPad Forensic Collection
MobiView Dock CoreView Database Setup
Individual IR Pad CoreDynamics Intelligent Culling/Data Reduction
IR Receiver Unit Data Hosting
CPS Pulse Receiver CoreView Data Hosting - Active Data Monthly
CPS Individual Pulse Pad Native File Processing - Without Images
MOBI Learner Tablet Native File Processing - With Images
Student Centered Learning Pack Early Case Assessment, Automated Redactions Indentification and Workflow, Automated Foldering of Documents based on Queries
CPS Spark Receiver CoreView Custom Programming (Program Manager)
RespondCard IR Keypad CoreView Productions/Electronic File
MobiView mobile interactive whiteboard CoreRedact Automated Redaction Fee
TurningPoint Long Range RF Receiver Bates Endorsement time stamping, coding, or labeling
Radio Frequency Carry Case-100 Count CoreView User Profile Fee - (in excess of 20 users included in annual subscription)
USB RF Receiver with storage CoreView/CoreRedact Training
Response Card Anywhere
TurningPoint IR Receiver
USB RF Receiver
Learning Series Building License
Learning Series Individual Teacher License
GSA Bundled Training
GSA Curriculum Development
GSA On Site Training
GSA Webinar Training
RF HID Storage Receiver-
ResponseWare 1 Year License
TurningPoint License-12-month license
Support Maintenance
Support Maintenance
Support Maintenance
RF HID 16GB Receiver
USB RF Licensed Receiver
TurningPoint License-36-month license
TurningPoint License-60-month license
QT2 Device
API Access
Workspace LITE/Single User
WorkSpace FULL / Single License (1 computer)
Workspace Lite Link Only
Workspace Full Link Only
Examview Basic-PC
Examview Basic-MAC
Examview Premium
Examview Basic w/Premium-PC
Examview Basic w/Premium-MAC
TurningPoint License-24-month license
TurningPoint License-48-month license
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 12m-Non-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 12m-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 48m-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 48m-Non-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 60m-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 60m-Non-Storage
HID Receiver- Storage 4GB- Offline Receiver
HID Receiver- No Storage- Offline Receiver
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 24m-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 24m-Non-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 36m-Storage
TurningPoint-Offline Receiver License- 36m-Non-Storage

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